A Message to Doctors

KidneySPA was founded by a physician motivated to practice a more humane medicine, one who fully understands the needs of patients with kidney disease. A practicing nephrologist, Dr. Cuellar has learned that the key to success, and the key to fulfilling his vision, is partnership with doctors who share the same philosophy.

KidneySPA is the partner of choice for doctors looking for an opportunity to grow within the dialysis industry, with a business model specifically tailored to the patients’ needs.


  • “Riñón-FELIZ” – an early detection kidney disease program in underdeveloped nations
  • “Healthy Kidney = Healthy Life” – an educational campaign in Miami, Florida
  • “Kidney-HELP” – a support program between dialysis patients in various geographic locations

Please contact us if you’d like to become a volunteer as part of our philanthropic and community education activities.

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