KidneySPA Introduces A Revolutionary Approach To Dialysis Treatment

Newly Opened Facility Combines "Medical" Expertise with "Spa-Like" Experience

The highly-anticipated KidneySPA is finally open - its mission, to provide patients with a revolutionary dialysis experience by combining state-of-the-art medical treatment in a harmonious, spa-like setting. Located in Miami, Florida's Health District, this one-of-a-kind dialysis center serves patients suffering from advance chronic kidney disease, also known as end stage renal disease, in an innovative way. The kidneySPA is setting a new standard for dialysis treatment combined with exceptional patient care.

At KidneySPA, patients are treated as family and the dialysis procedure - known as hemodialysis - is only one part of the total mind, body and soul treatment they receive. The KidneySPA concept began with Dr. Juan Mauricio Cuellar's extraordinary vision: He hoped to forever change the negative perception of traditional dialysis treatment to a pleasant, gratifying and unique experience. With the recent opening of KidneySPA - the first dialysis treatment facility of its kind - Dr. Cuellar has transformed his dream into a reality.

Dr. Cuellar meticulously designed every aspect of the new KidneySPA facility to create a warm, welcoming and soothing environment. Oversized treatment chairs were specially designed with form fitting memory foam to provide exceptional comfort. Flat-screen televisions are mounted in front of each treatment chair allowing patients to watch movies, concerts or educational lectures to pass the time. Controlled lighting at each treatment station provides those who want to read with extra light, and those who want to sleep with none at all. The interior design was inspired by a perfect balance of natural elements, rich with earth tones, so it bears no resemblance to a hospital or medical office setting.

Part of what makes the KidneySPA experience so unique is Dr. Cuellar's introduction of the "Care Coach Concept" - which aims to stimulate the five senses and promote patient productivity during the three-hour dialysis sessions. Patients are assigned a Care Coach, who seeks to provide interesting and unique ways for patients to get the most out of their treatment hours (for example, learning a new language through an educational DVD). To stimulate the senses of touch and taste, patients begin each treatment session with a relaxing hand-massage, and during their dialysis, they are offered healthy snacks and drinks prepared by the staff. To stimulate the senses of hearing and smell, soothing music plays in the background and candles with relaxing scents add to this inviting, spa-like atmosphere.

Following years of training in internal medicine and nephrology at both Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida and the University of Texas South Western Medical Center, Dr. Cuellar has built a nation-wide reputation in nephrology and has been awarded for his dedicated service. Dr. Cuellar entered private practice in July 2003, which is when he ambitiously began working on plans for creating the KidneySPA.

"When I first began working in the field of nephrology, I realized there was an opportunity to change the perception and level of treatment for chronic kidney disease," said Dr. Cuellar. "I created the kidneySPA concept to improve the overall quality of patients' dialysis experiences and provide them with the dignity and comfort they deserve by treating the mind, body and soul."

Led and inspired by Dr. Cuellar, the KidneySPA staff is comprised of dedicated professionals who share expertise as well as a passion for the treatment of renal diseases. The staff members aim to empower through education, and provide patients and their families with the knowledge they need to improve their diets and lifestyles so they are able to live healthier, happier lives.

KidneySPA offers patients a completely new dialysis experience. For more information, visit or call 305-329-2900.

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KidneySpa LLC Selected For “Excellence In Health Care Awards”

KidneySpa LLC Selected For "Excellence In Health Care Awards." (PRNewsFoto/KidneySpa LLC)

KidneySpa LLC of MiamiFL, has been honored with a recognition by South Florida Business Journal in its selection of "Excellence In Health Care Awards."

MIAMI, Jan. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Announcing a special recognition appearing in the October, 2011 issue of South Florida Business Journal published by American City Business JournalsKidneySpa LLC was selected for the following honor:
"Excellence In Health Care Awards"

A spokesperson from KidneySpa LLC commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for us. The fact that South Florida Business Journal included KidneySpa LLC in its selection of "Excellence In Health Care Awards," signals that our constant efforts towards business excellence are paying off. We are proud to be included in this recognition."

Following the publication of KidneySpa LLC's selection for South Florida Business Journal's Excellence In Health Care Awards list, American Registry seconded the honor and added KidneySpa LLC to the "Registry of Business Excellence™." An exclusive recognition plaque, shown here, has been designed to commemorate this honor.

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