patient consulting with his doctor
Close-up shot of male doctor filling in medical record, his patient sitting opposite him

Reaching a point in your health journey where dialysis is required can be intimidating at first, but KidneySpa has some tips and information for first-timers.

First-time dialysis patients should be ready to change their habits and routines, from your favorite activities to how you care for your body. But remember: you can always make changes and adjustments throughout your treatment process.

Everyone’s experience with dialysis is unique, but as experts in renal care and dialysis, we put together some helpful tips for first-time patients. 

Research & Ask Questions

Before starting your treatment, it’s good to understand how dialysis works. Ask your team about the process – how long, how often, what it involves, etc. Also ask about insurance coverage, transportation, community resources and anything else you want to know.

Focus on Your Wellness

Doctors recommend that anyone on dialysis consider dietary and lifestyle changes to improve their health. If you can, talk with a dietitian about the phosphate binders you might be taking, advice on what foods to avoid, how to track your eating habits and more.

Meet the Team Before You Go

Knowing your team and familiarizing yourself with the facility beforehand can make you feel more comfortable on your first day of treatment. Call ahead to ask for a tour and ask for recommendations on what to wear, what to bring and what to leave at home.

Know You’re Not Alone

You probably won’t be the only one going through dialysis on any given day, and soon your dialysis center will become a kind of home away from home. Bring an open mind to your first appointment, because you never know when you’ll meet a lifelong friend!

Our team at KidneySPA is ready to answer all your questions and guide you on your kidney care journey. Contact us to schedule a tour.