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At KidneySPA, we inspire, empower, and enhance the lives of our patients through education, detection, prevention, and comprehensive renal care.

The first step to combating Kidney Disease is understanding Kidney Disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease is a silent predator. There are often no signs or symptoms until the disease has already advanced. Individuals who are at a higher risk should have their kidneys checked at least once per year. A simple urine test and blood work can detect the early signs of CKD.

If you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or CKD, make an appointment with KidneySPA. We’ll show you how to protect yourself.

Patient Stories

Ariel Cervantes Story
Alexis Bastos

Our patients: our reason to be.

KidneySPA is a revolutionary, Zen-like facility that blends high-touch and high-tech, transforming the patient experience and providing a warm, nurturing environment that offers consistent care, compassion, and constant communication.

Serving all of South Florida.

KidneySPA is conveniently located in the heart of Miami, just minutes from Downtown Miami and 15 minutes from Miami International Airport. Please call us at 305-329-2900 to learn about transportation services to and from our facility.

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219 N.W. 12th Avenue, Suite C4
Miami, Florida 33128
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